art classes in oxford

Free your inner creativity

Are you curious to see where your creativity could take you if you gave yourself the time and space to explore this?

Here at Be In Art we run art classes which help you to do just that. Using painting and drawing to really help you to discover your creativity, and to be true to your creative self.

An alternative approach to your traditional art classes

These art classes are all about helping you to explore and develop a really free, fun and expressive way of making art, and to have the confidence to let go and to really bring yourself into your art.

The art classes are all about experimenting, being curious and trying new things – bringing out your inner creativity rather than teaching you a set of rules on how to make art – art from the inside if you like.

And they will leave you feeling confident, liberated, excited and inspired!

These art classes could be for you if…

You haven’t made art for a while, and you remember really loving it when you used to do it, but life got in the way (as it tends to) and you would love to get back into making art again.


You have been making art for a while now and are finding that you would love to take your art to the next level and to really bring yourself into your art and develop your own unique creative style.