art classes in oxford

Not your typical art classes

Helping you to reconnect with your creative side, to bring art making back into your life again, and to discover where this might take you if you do!

Here at Be In Art I run non-traditional art classes in Oxford to help you to get re-started with art, no matter whether the last time you put pen or paint to paper was 1 year or 50 years ago. 

Be In Art’s approach

The art classes are really about nurturing and discovering your creativity. I will encourage you to develop your own form of creative style and expression, to discover what you are capable of producing, and to paint or draw what you would most love to be able to.

The classes focus on encouraging you to be curious, to explore and to experiment, to really be in the moment while making art, and to see creating as a process rather than having to have an end goal or result.

Unlike a lot of art classes, my group classes are really small – with up to 6 people – so you will get a lot of individual support and encouragement with your artwork.  

How the classes will make you feel

I always ask my students to sum up in one word how they feel after their art classes, and the most frequent responses by far are – both relaxed and energised at the same time (yes, this really does happen), inspired, accomplished and liberated!

“This was no ordinary art class – it was an experience! Jane created an atmosphere that allowed everyone to relax and be open to creating. It reminded me how important it is to make time to be creative, have fun and play! After the class I felt invigorated and excited. The class gave me the encouragement I needed to get back into creating art and not worry about the end result. Thank you so much Jane for this incredible experience.” Serena Sharma