art classes in oxford

Would you love to be more creative?

Perhaps you are thinking about starting to do something creative again?

It can be really hard to find the time and space for making art in our busy lives can’t it? It is one of those things we often put off – saying we will do it when we have more time.

But the fact is that there is part of you that would love to be doing something creative, that wonders what you might be able to make if you took up art again, and it keeps niggling away at you.

I want to inspire you to make a little bit of time and space for art in your life, and to be true to your creative self!

To help with this, here are just a few reasons to pick up a paintbrush or pencil……

Making art is great for your general wellbeing

  • It’s incredibly relaxing, helping reduce stress and anxiety
  • Plus it gives you energy leaving you feeling recharged

It helps you to be more fully yourself

  • Being creative gives you a deep sense of fulfillment
  • It increases your self-confidence
  • It helps you to learn more about yourself
  • It helps you to get back in touch with your curiosity and playfulness
  • Plus you get to feel a great sense of accomplishment when you make something

And quite frankly it is fun!

It is hard to know how to get started though isn’t it?

Here at Be In Art I run non-traditional art classes in Oxford to help you to rediscover and reconnect with your creative side.

I will help you to get re-started with art, no matter whether the last time you put pen or paint to paper was 1 year or 50 years ago!