art from the heart

Art From The Heart

Would you love to be able express yourself more in your art?

Perhaps you find that looking back through the art you have made before, you have made some work that you are pretty happy with, and you feel a sense of accomplishment with this.

But there is part of you that feels that although that feels good, you would like more from your art than being able to draw or paint something lifelike.

And although you have tried a few different styles – from copying other artwork or learning from different art teachers – you would love to find your own style in your art, something that feels unique to you.

Maybe the kind of art you enjoy looking at feels more full of life, energy and feeling, and you would really love your art to have this too, but you don’t really know where to start.

All this is hard to put into words exactly, it is more of a feeling that there could be more to art than you are currently experiencing. Yes, you could carry on with making art in the same way as you are now, but you have a niggling feeling that you aren’t quite fulfilling your potential with it.

Here at Be In Art I help you to really free up your creative expression and to produce art that feels like it is uniquely and genuinely you.

I help you to experience making art that comes from the inside – art from the heart.