art advice

Art Advice & Inspiration

If you are wanting to be more creative, why not have a read of some of my art advice below!

I’ve put this together to help to inspire you to pick up your paintbrush or pencil, whether you are new to art or want to do more!

Why do you want to be more creative?
Why it helps to think about WHY rather than what we want to create

The benefits of going to an art class
Read my top 5 benefits of attending a class if you are deliberating about whether or not to book on one

Which painting materials should I buy?
My recommendations for your basic set of materials to buy for getting stuck in to painting at home (or doing one of my Termly Art Projects)

Setting up a space to paint at home
Practical ideas about creating a space, and why it doesn’t need to be perfect either!

How to start a new sketchbook
A few tips to help you get started with your drawing when your sketchbook feels too white and pristine and you are worried about messing it up

Which drawing materials should I buy?
My recommendations for drawing materials and where to buy them

I can draw but I can’t paint and vice versa
Why I believe we can do both!