1-2-1 Creativity Sessions

Would you love to get back into making art, but you aren’t quite sure how to do this?

If you used to make art a long time ago and you would love to come back to this again

If you only make art occasionally and would love to make more

Can’t let go of the feeling that your work has to be perfect, or it doesn’t feel good enough, or you don’t feel you know enough about your art materials to do this yourself at home. – inner critic gets too loud

Thinking back to college or university you can remember really enjoying making art and being creative, and by not having this in your life it is like having an itch you are not scratching.

You have a niggling feeling that won’t go away that you are missing something, and not quite being 100% you – because you sense that being creative is actually an important part of who you are.

BUT – despite wanting to get back into making art you don’t really know where to start, you feel you have lost a lot of confidence in your ability and it feels incredibly daunting to put paintbrush or pen to paper – so much so that you would consider yourself pretty much a beginner again.

Here at Be In Art I run 1-2-1 classes to help you to pick up your paintbrush or pencil and to get started with your art again.

These classes will leave you feeling creatively liberated, excited about carrying on with your art, and keen to dust off and use those art materials that you may have had sitting in your cupboard for years!

“Working with Jane was really fun! I was immediately transported back to my college art room reliving my youth and wondering why I ever abandoned my artistic side. I felt the process enabled me to connect with parts of me I had forgotten. I also felt emotion rising in me – happiness and joy to put paintbrush to paper, the beautiful colours of the paint, the textures.  I had forgotten I could just create art just for me, to be free, to experiment and to connect and Jane helped me realize this part of me still exists.” Rachel Allan