painting classes

About The Art Classes

These are not your typical or traditional art classes!  The approach here at Be In Art is to encourage you to get started with creating by being curious, exploring what art materials can do, to experiment and have a play and to see what happens as a result.  The classes are about nurturing and discovering your creativity.

This way of creating art is very similar to mindfulness – helping you to really be in the moment while making art, and to really build on your creative confidence and quieten down your inner critic.  These art classes are really not the traditional sort of watercolour class that often springs to mind when you might think about art classes!

“This was no ordinary painting class – it was an experience! Jane created an atmosphere that allowed everyone to relax and be open to creating. It reminded me how important it is to make time to be creative, have fun and play! After the class I felt invigorated and excited. The class gave me the encouragement I needed to get back into creating art and not worry about the end result. Thank you so much Jane for this incredible experience.” Serena Sharma

Coaching rather than teaching

I am also a qualified coach (something which makes me a unique kind of art teacher!), and my teaching style is influenced by this.  My classes are very much about facilitating you to make art in your own way and grow in creative confidence, rather than teaching in a traditional sense. I will encourage you to develop your own unique form of creative style and expression, and to discover what you are capable of producing.

I believe that we are all naturally creative – we have the potential in us to create and it is just about finding the right outlet and way of creating that works for you.

Producing your own individual artwork

I will enable you to paint or draw what you would most love to be able to – whether that is landscapes, abstracts, still lives or people – or anything else!  You will produce artwork at your own pace and which is completely unique to you – because I believe that the best way to learn to make art (and to continue with it in the longer term) is through exploration and by choosing what it is we want to create, based on what we enjoy looking at.

How the classes will make you feel

Students are always asked to to sum up in one word how they feel after their classes, and the most frequent responses by far are – both relaxed and energised at the same time (yes, this really does happen), inspired, accomplished and liberated!

The creative environment at Be In Art

In my studio I have aimed to recreate that lovely feel of the art room at school (although without the rules or the boring tidying up afterwards), with lots of colourful artwork on the walls as inspiration, and tables you don’t have to worry about keeping clean. There is always music playing, plenty of tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits, and a lovely garden view.

My own creative journey

I have also gone through my own creative journey – coming back to making art again after a long break, and I’m thoroughly glad I have art back in my life again as I feel fully myself when I’m creating. 

You can find out more about me, my artwork and my own creative journey HERE.