art group for teenagers

Art Group For Teenagers

I see a lot of teenagers who love painting and drawing, but start to lose confidence with their ability in their art when they are in secondary school. I want to provide a space where they can come and rebuild and grow their confidence, being able to make the art that they want to with no rules, no grading or exams, and no pressure.

I’m planning to set up a new Termly Art Group – much like my current Termly Art Group for adults – for teenagers. This will be a relaxed, informal and fun space to make art. The group will be for teenagers who have chosen to take art at school, as well as those who haven’t but still enjoy it.

Each class will start with a warm up exercise introducing fun new ideas, techniques and mediums. And the rest of the time is spent working on whatever it is your teenager would like to paint or draw – whether that is landscapes, portraits, Game of Thrones characters or Manga – anything goes and everyone will be working on different projects.

I will be providing lots of help and support to enable your teenager to experiment, discover what it is they like to create, and build their skills and confidence at the same time. And like my other classes it will be small group – with a maximum of 6 students – allowing for lots of individual support and attention.

I’m hoping to start this in either the Autumn term (2019) or the Spring Term (2020) on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon / evening, in my home studio in Headington.

If you have a teenager that you think would be interested in this group, please could you fill in the form below, and I will be in touch to let you know when this will be starting.