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Weekly Creativity Group

Would you love to make art on a regular basis, as it makes you feel great when you do, and you love getting creative?

BUT – you know realistically that you aren’t likely to do this at home – because it is hard to make the time and space for this (there are too many other things that need doing, and people that need your attention). And because you don’t feel quite as confident as you would like when you do sit down to paint or draw. If so, this art group is for you.

What is the Creativity Group?

This art group is a pressure free space for you to make art every week, where you can really get stuck into making art at your own pace, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Everyone has their own unique goals each term – which could be to have a go at painting portraits, to loosen up their painting style, to experiment with drawing or new materials, or work on a larger scale. I’ll be on hand to help you with whatever you would like to create.

You will come away from each week feeling relaxed, energised and fulfilled – having exercised your creative muscle!

This art group is for you if you have done a little bit of painting and drawing before, either on one of my classes, a class elsewhere or at home by yourself.

Other practical information…..

In the art group you can do both drawing and painting – and will have access to a wide range of art materials including acrylic and watercolours paints, charcoal, pencils, pens, pastels, inks, and collage materials.

Each session starts off with a fun and fast warm up exercise to help you to loosen up, try something new, and to get into the creative zone!

This group is for anyone aged 18 or above.

Termly dates for the Weekly Creativity Group:

Tuesday evenings – 6.30 – 8.30pm

  • 5th May – 7th July 2020 (no class 26th May) – 9 week term – £315 – fully booked (email me to join the waiting list)
  • 15th September – 15th December (no class 27th Oct or or 3rd Nov) – 12 week term – £420 (only 1 space left)

Thursday mornings – 10am – 12pm

  • 7th May – 9th Jul 2020 (no class 28th May) – 9 week term – £315 (only 2 spaces left)
  • 17th September – 17th December (no class 29th Oct or or 5th Nov) – 12 week term – £420

A £100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place for the term, and the amount remaining is then due no later than 1 week before the term is due to start. I also have the option for you to pay for a term of art group in installments. Read my cancellation policy here.

What people have to say about the art group ….

“Jane’s art group gives you the chance to experiment and try new things! It has helped to build my confidence, knowing that I can ask for advice when needed. It has proven to also be a warm and social environment to be arty in! I leave every session feeling like I’ve achieved something, and had the opportunity to relax and be creative.” Sophie Peet

“I’ve loved the space to experiment with painting without judgement.  Here, there are no rules so you really can just try things out and see what works for you – I’ve been trying some new techniques and developing my own style so my confidence is building. Also I love having some specific space in my diary each week to spend time painting! Finally, it’s been really inspiring seeing all the different approaches and ideas the others have come.” Sarah Wyatt

“I loved coming to this art group!  It was great to have that time after work, after a long stressful day, to come along and have that space where you could create, design, draw, express, try new things and be artistic, with the amazing help of Jane supporting what was happening.” Bella Pratt