art lessons for beginners

Discover Your Creativity – 1-2-1 Sessions

These art sessions for absolute beginners offer a really relaxing and non-intimidating way of getting started with making art

Come along and explore your creative side and surprise yourself with what you are able to create when you have a go. You can work as big as you like, as bold as you like, make as many paintings as you like, and create your own unique artworks. Here there is no right or wrong and you can forget all the rules taught at school about what art should be like.

You will have lots of fun in the process, and will discover how nice it feels to take time out to make art.

And you will most likely be hatching a plan as to how and when you can do something creative again soon!

These sessions are for you if the last time you made art was when you were at school, if you are curious to see what would happen if you did something creative again, and if you end up feeling intimidated when you read up about your more traditional art classes.

What people have to say about these sessions ….

“Jane was an excellent guide in opening up and exploring my creativity. She gave me the space to do this and the non-judgmental, caring and passionate attitude she has made me feel relaxed and enthused. The class has made me think about creativity in other areas of my life and the benefits it can have for my wellbeing.” Sarah Hughes

“This was no ordinary painting class – it was an experience! Jane created an atmosphere that allowed me to relax and be open to creating. It reminded me how important it is to make time to be creative, have fun and play! After the class I felt invigorated and excited. The class gave me the encouragement I needed to have a go at creating art and not worry about the end result. Thank you so much Jane for this incredible experience.” Serena Sharma

Booking a session

If you would like to enquire about booking a session please contact me.