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Rediscover Your Creativity – 1-2-1 Art Sessions

These 1-2-1 art sessions are for if you would love to rediscover your creativity but are unable to come along to my Rediscover Your Creativity course!

My 2 hour sessions are designed to rebuild your confidence with your art making, and to free up your creative expression, so that you can carry on making art for pleasure at home. Whether it is drawing or painting or both that you are keen to get back into I will help you get restarted with making art again! 

You will leave feeling excited and inspired to carry on making art!

What people have to say about these sessions……

“My session was Jane was really fun! I was immediately transported back to my college art room reliving my youth and wondering why I ever abandoned my artistic side. I felt the process enabled me to connect with parts of me I had forgotten. I also felt emotion rising in me – happiness and joy to put paintbrush to paper, the beautiful colours of the paint, the textures.  I had forgotten I could just create art just for me, to be free, to experiment and to connect and Jane helped me realize this part of me still exists. I have already hauled out all my art materials and have began working out what I have and what I can do with it! And I’m definitely going back!” Rachel Allan

“My art sessions with Jane melted away a lot of the ice which I have packed around my creative impulses, giving me the courage to explore further. And I am hoping that in the longer term, this will make me come back to my art more often, letting me express myself more frequently & lucidly through my art.” Uttara Dey⁠

Booking a session

If this sounds like you and you would like to enquire about booking a session please contact me.