art lessons

1-2-1 Art Sessions

These painting sessions are for you if you would like some focused 1-2-1 support with your art.  The sessions are completely tailored to you and what you would like to achieve and create – and can be for absolute beginners or people who have painted a little bit before.  Sessions are available for adults and teenagers.

They are a great way to build your confidence with your painting, and to free up your painting style and creative expression, so that you can carry on making art for pleasure at home.

To book a session

Please email me if you would like to enquire about booking a 1-2-1 session.

What people have to say about my 1-2-1 art sessions….

“My lesson was nothing short of excellent. I went to the session with a couple of specific ideas and areas that I wanted to improve on, and walked away having learnt far more than I expected to! Jane was excellent (as always) in talking me through what I wanted to get from my painting.⠀Not only this, but Jane and I had some great conversations about different mediums, brushes, and ways of painting which inspired me (yet again) to go home and try something new.⠀I would definitely recommend a 1-2-1 lesson as you will definitely learn more than just what you are expecting.” James⠀

“My husband bought me a beautiful art set for Xmas & I was really struggling to know how to start using it. Jane talked me through how to use each piece & really encouraged me to start playing around with the different paints, pencils & tools in the set. Now I feel like I have the confidence to use the set at home & get creative! Without Jane my art set would definitely still be sat in the corner of my living room in all it’s wrappers!” Adele