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My Own Creative Journey

Hi I’m Jane Beinart – the creative drive behind Be In Art

I set up Be In Art 3.5 years ago to help people to have art back in their lives.  It is something I am really passionate about after rediscovering art again myself after a long break, and my approach is very much modeled on how I got back into making art – and what I would have loved to have had in terms of support at the time. 

Coaching rather than teaching

I am a qualified coach (something which makes me a unique kind of art teacher), and my teaching style is influenced by this.  My classes are very much about facilitating you to make art in your own way and to grow in creative confidence, rather than teaching in a traditional sense.

My own creative journey

I did all arts subjects at school, which I loved, and then did an Art Foundation course, which was probably the best year of my life!  But I didn’t get onto the degree course I wanted to so I sort of lost my confidence with art, and didn’t really do much for a good 10 years.

I knew I was missing something – and new I wasn’t fully myself without art, but I didn’t know how to get back into it.  My art materials from my foundation course just sat in my cupboard getting dusty.

About 8 years ago I decided to have a go at art again, and I tentatively picked up my paint brushes and paint, bought some big pads of paper and an easel and got started.  I’m not going to lie to you – it was HARD!  I had to fight a very negative inner critic and really didn’t produce anything beautiful for quite some time.  It took a long time to build a regular creative habit, to build my confidence, to show anyone else my art. BUT – despite the pain – it was sooooo worth it to be where I am now with my art

I make art because it makes me feel good when I do – it is as simple as that

I make it because it makes me feel fully myself and gives me a deep sense of fulfillment.  I also feel calmer, less stressed and much more able to cope with what life chooses to throw at me. 

And a few ‘interesting’ facts about me….

  • Yes – Beinart is actually my surname!  (It is my married name)
  • I have 2 cats called Colin and Stanley – who are most definitely not allowed in the studio when painting is going on
  • I go to a pottery class once a week for my own guaranteed weekly creative fix when I’m busy with work