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About Be In Art

Hi I’m Jane Beinart – an artist and creative inspirer and founder of Be In Art.  Read on to see some of my own artwork, and to find out a little bit about my creative experience, why I run my painting classes and what I believe about art……

My own artwork

I mostly like to paint expressive and colourful abstract artwork, but also have phases of painting and drawing from life.  You can see some of my artwork on my website or Instagram feed.

How I feel when I make art 

When I make my own art work, on a regular basis, I feel fantastic!  I find it energising, relaxing, calming, I feel grounded, my brain feels quieter, I feel fulfilled, I think more creatively and can cope a lot better with what life throws at me.  I’m incredibly grateful to have reconnected with this creative part of me, which lay dormant for many years.

An example of my own artwork (this print was based on a drawing I did the day after I got engaged!) 

My own creative background 

My own artistic background started with doing all arts subjects for A level at school, and then an Art Foundation course.  I loved textiles but didn’t get into the degree course I was the most keen on, and instead decided to have a gap year and did an Art History degree instead.  I guess I sort of put that creative side of me in a box for a long time – studying other people’s artwork, working in art galleries and only occasionally doing the odd creative evening course.

But there was part of me that wasn’t being fulfilled at all – and it was just sort of niggling away at me for years.  The longer I left it, the harder it was to pick it back up again.  I didn’t know how to get started, what I wanted to make and what I wanted to do it for. 

One day, about 8 years ago, I decided just to go for it – I ordered an easel and a massive A1 pad of paper, dusted off my art materials from the back of the cupboard, and just sort of went for it.  My approach was, and still is now, to choose the medium, colour, size of paper and implement I feel like using, and just sort of see what happens. 

Nothing beautiful came out – for a long time actually – but it felt so good.  I persisted with it – through all of the negative voices in my head that told me to stop, that it was rubbish, that I wasn’t an artist and there was no point to what I was doing – and I have been experimenting with making my own artwork ever since!

Why I run art classes

My art classes only really started because a friend of mine, who hadn’t made art since school, asked me to give her an art lesson a few years ago.  I hadn’t really considered this before – but it turned out to be the beginning of all that you see here – from a tentative 2 hour art session in a cafe to a full-time business.

And I do it because I find it incredibly satisfying to help others to find their own way into art, and inspiring to see what art comes out of people each time!  It is great to be able to use all of my own learned experience, the experience I have gained from working with many different students of all ages, and my creative coaching skills, to really help people to connect with their creative sides.

What I believe about art

I really believe that art should be accessible to all!  Often it becomes something that we think only a few people do, or are capable of doing, which means we never have a go ourselves and therefore never get to feel the benefits of making art.  We are all creative, we might just not have found our own preferred outlet or way of creating yet – and the best way to find it is to just have a go.  Making art can bring fun, colour, happiness and playfulness into our lives!  Who would not want a little bit more of that?