creative mentoring

About Be In Art

Hi I’m Jane Beinart, the creative drive behind Be In Art

I am on a bit of a mission to inspire as many people as possible to get creative, because art is good for you on so many levels, and doing something creative is really a key part of being human! 

I believe that we are all naturally creative – we have the potential in us to create and it is just about finding the right outlet and way of creating that works for you.

What makes me tick is creativity rather than specifically drawing or painting, and I would much rather help you to discover this side of yourself than teach you a step-by-step approach to making art!

My own artwork

I am pretty much a self taught artist, coming back to art again about 8 years ago after having a gap of about 12 years.  I make art because it feels good to do so – and because when I do I feel like I am fully myself and have a deep sense of fulfillment.  I also feel calmer, less stressed and much more about to cope with what life chooses to throw at me. 

I don’t really do it for anyone else (although I have exhibited a few times and done a few commissions), and do not have any illusions of becoming a successful artist!  It isn’t about that for me.  It is all about the making of it, of exploring and trying new things, and learning about myself and having fun in the process. 

I like to make a lot of expressive and colourful artwork, but also have phases of painting and drawing from life, and have recently been experimenting with embroidery and pottery. 

You can see some of my current artistic experiments and creative musings on my Instagram feed.