Basic Materials – For getting started with painting at home

Knowing what materials to buy, what brand to get and where to get them can be a bit bamboozling when you are starting out with painting. Here I have given an overview of the basic equipment that would be good for you if you are just getting set up to paint at home. (And just to note, these are all my personal recommendations for materials I like to use / use in my classes, rather than being tied in to any brand or company)!

A set of acrylic paints

I would recommend getting a set of Daler Rowney System 3 paints – a really good medium quality artists paint.  I would avoid the cheaper paints as you will notice the difference in quality – they will be more runny and you won’t get as good 3D effects, plus they are harder to layer! This brand is a very good buy.   You can get a starter pack like this from Cass Art, or Amazon.  Or the cheapest place I’ve found to get them in bigger tubs is Art Discount.

Good quality paper

An A4 or A3 pad (or bigger if you have space to work on this scale at home) of Cartridge paper – 220g weight This is a nice weighted quality art paper, great for use with a wide range of mediums and it doesn’t warp too much when using lots of paint and water.  This is a good brand from Cass Art, or otherwise Seawhite are a good brand which you can get on Amazon.

A set of paint brushes and palette knives

This Daler-Rowney Graduate Brush & Knife Set is perfect for these projects as it has lots of different brush options and palette knives. You can buy this from Art Discount or on Amazon. 

A paint palette

This basic palette from Amazon is great.

Additional materials you will need …..

  • Something to put your water in – I would just use a glass jar or cut off plastic bottle from your recycling! 
  • Something to protect your work surface from getting paint on – which could be newspaper, or a large bin bag, or you could buy a plastic table cover.  
  • Wet wipes and paper towels (for cleaning up afterwards)