beginners drawing course

Drawing For The Terrified

Would you love to be able to draw, but are absolutely convinced that you can’t, and the idea of having a go feels quite daunting? 

Perhaps the last time you put pen to paper you felt that what you created was absolutely rubbish, leaving you wanting to throw it in the bin and not attempt to draw again any time soon?  But there is part of you that would love to be able to draw – to feel like you can put something down on paper that you are proud of. 

If so then this beginners drawing course is for you.  It is a really relaxed, non-intimidating and most importantly fun introduction to drawing.

You will finish the course feeling like you can draw, with the confidence to have a go at drawing anything you fancy, and keen to carry on drawing!

How does it work?

This beginners drawing course is made up of 30 drawing exercises, which you can work through completely at your own pace in your own time.  I’ll be running a supportive and interactive Facebook for you to share your drawings in and will be giving you lots of support and encouragement as you work your way through. 

You don’t need any fancy drawing materials – the minimum you will need will be a simple pen or pencil and paper, but if you have other materials that would be great, and you can see my recommendations for materials here.

This course is currently full. If you would like to know when a place becomes available, do sign up to join my newsletter.