Art From The Inside

Would you love to be able to develop your own style with your art?

Maybe you have been on various courses and workshops and learned quite a few skills and techniques, but you would like to be able to produce work that feels more unique to you?

Perhaps the kind of artwork you love to look at is really free, bold and expressive, and you would love to make art like that, but you aren’t quite sure how to bridge the gap between the art you love and the art you currently make?

This course is all about helping you to really bring your unique self into your art

Unlike your traditional art classes, it isn’t about teaching you a set of skills or techniques, or the ‘correct’ way of making art, but instead is about really helping you to tap into your own creativity and creative expression.

This course is all about experimentation, variety, trying new things and getting out of your creative comfort zone, and to discover what interesting things happen with your art as a result.

It is a place for you to see where your art might take you, and to realise your creative potential – if you give it the time and space to develop.

When will this one year course next be running?

8th October 2020 – 27th September 2021 – Thursday mornings 10am-12pm

1st February 2021 – 26th January 2022 – Wednesday evenings 7.00-9.00pm