Art From The Inside

Would you love to be able to feel more confident, bold, free and expressive with your art?

Perhaps you have been making art for a little while now, and maybe you are finding that you could quite easily carry on with making art the way you are at the moment. BUT there is part of you that would really like to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to bring more of yourself into your art making, and to start to really develop your own style with your art.

Here at Be In Art I run courses which help you to explore and develop your own unique style, and to have the confidence to let go and really bring yourself into your art.

The Art From The Inside courses are all about experimentation, variety, trying new things, getting out of your creative comfort zone, and reflecting on your art and art practice. They are a place for you to see where your art might take you if you give it the time and space to develop.

If you are curious about taking that next step with your art, then do email me to find out more about the courses that I offer, and to see if these might be right for you.

The next course will be starting in October 2020.