Creative Practice Group

Do you feel stuck in a creative rut with your art making, and could really do with some ideas and inspiration?

If so, why not join my Creative Practice Group. This group will help you to really build your art making as a regular and ongoing part of your life, giving you momentum, purpose to your art making, and ideas to experiment with. As well as input and support, and accountability!

The group meets every month, and we spend some of the session reflecting how you have been getting on with your art making at home, and sharing the art you have been making with each other, and the rest of the time getting stuck in to making some art.  

Each month I will set a new art project idea for you to get stuck into at home, which you might like to start in these sessions, or you could bring along another idea for something to work on, or just spend time exploring all the materials on hand, depending on what you feel like and what you need on the day.

Groups run on either a Monday morning (10am-12pm) or a Thursday evening (6.30-8.30pm). (If you would love to do something like this but can’t make these days of the week, do let me know what day would work for you and I can consider another group on a different day).

And, like my group classes, the group will be a really small and supportive group of 6 members.

If you would like to find out more about the group and to discuss whether this might be right for you, do email me and I’d be happy to chat to you more about this.