Directions To The Studio

Address:  Be-In-Art, 8 St Anne’s Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8NL *
Find me on Google Maps here

*If you put in the address on a sat nav – you will need to enter St Anne’s Road (as it may not recognise it if you miss out the apostrophe).

Parking:  Although the parking directly outside my house is permit holders only, there are some free parking options along my street and the surrounding streets.  I’ve marked these spots on this handy map — Parking information. You might like to make sure you arrive early to find a close parking spot.  There is also a pay and display car park on St Leonard’s road, about 5 minutes walk away.

By bike:  In terms of parking your bike, there are places to chain your bike up on nearby lamp posts, or you can also park these at Headington shops.

Getting here by bus:  From the centre of Oxford, there are quite a few buses you can get up to Headington Shops, and it is then an 8 minute walk to my house.  You can get the following buses:  8, 9, 280, U1 or the 800.

Getting here by train:  From the train station in central Oxford, you can either get a taxi, which would take about 15 minutes if the traffic is good, and would cost about £10 / £15.  Or you can get the 280 bus, which stops in the main bus depot at the station, which runs about every 20 minutes.