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Build Your Drawing Confidence

Would you love to be able to draw more confidently, so that you can improve your painting skills?

Did you find that you were originally drawn to painting, because somehow, among other things, it felt a bit easier than drawing?

But have you now come to a point with your painting when you would like to be able to draw the outlines of the things you want to paint, but you don’t feel very confident about drawing and it is holding you back?

Be In Art has several online drawing courses to help you with your drawing….

Build Your Drawing Confidence: For Beginners

This online drawing course for complete beginners is designed as a non-intimidating and relaxing introduction to drawing.  Traditional drawing techniques are interlaced with fun drawing exercises to help you to gradually build up your confidence and to quieten down your inner critic (which tends to get louder when you draw than when you paint). 

Build Your Drawing Confidence:  For Improvers

This option is great for you if you can draw a little bit and would like to continue to improve your drawing skills.  Drawing regularly really does help you to get a lot better at drawing, but one of the hardest things about doing this is coming up with ideas of things to draw!  This drawing course will provide you with 52 different ideas of things to draw (and ways to draw them) – more than enough to fill a whole sketchbook! 

Not sure which of the drawing courses is right for you?

Do get in touch if you would like to join one of the online drawing courses, but are not sure which level might be right for you, and Jane will be happy to talk through the different options with you.