painting workshop

Explore Your Creativity

This painting workshop is for you if you are curious about exploring your creative side!

Come along and have fun exploring painting.  You can work as big as you like, as bold as you like, make as many paintings as you like, and create your own unique artworks. Here there is no right or wrong and you can forget all the rules taught at school about what art should be like!

You will leave feeling as relaxed as if you had just had a massage, plus energised and inspired to boot. 

And you will most likely be hatching a plan as to how and when you can do something creative again soon!

This painting workshop is for you if you have never made art or painted before, or at least not since you were at school, and would love to give it a try in a relaxed, fun and non-judgemental environment. 

These workshops are small – with up to 6 people – so you will get lots of individual support with your artwork.  And they are suitable for anyone aged 14 and above.

What people have to say about this workshop ….

“Jane was an excellent guide in opening up and exploring my creativity. She gave me the space to do this and the non-judgmental, caring and passionate attitude she has made me feel relaxed and enthused. The class has made me think about creativity in other areas of my life and the benefits it can have for my wellbeing.” Sarah Hughes

“Jane’s classes are brilliant! She has a lovely way of making everyone feel welcome and at ease and as though absolutely anything is acceptable in the world of art. It’s a place of fun experimentation and a lovely way to spend a few hours. Highly recommended!” Ella Rose

“I loved the class, especially being able to go mad with acrylic paint! My art teacher at school told me not to bother continuing with art. So, it was very satisfying to see that I could produce something beautiful (to me!)! A really fun morning and totally absorbing. Thanks!” Laly Martin

Price: £55 per person

Next dates for this Explore Your Creativity workshop

  • Saturday 28th September – 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday 16th November – 10am – 12pm

Can’t make any of the dates?  I also run this workshop as a private session, and you can find out more about this option here.


Please see my full cancellation policy here