Free Your Creativity Course

Would you love to be able express yourself more in your art?

Perhaps you find that looking back through the art you have made before, you have made some work that you are pretty happy with. But there is part of you that feels that although that feels good, you would like more from your art than being able to draw or paint something lifelike.

You might have been to various classes and workshops, or even worked your way through some of the tutorials available on You Tube, and although you have learned from these, it still doesn’t quite feel like you are making your own art.

Maybe the kind of art you enjoy looking at feels more full of life, energy and feeling, and you would really love your art to have this too, but you don’t really know where to start.

All this is hard to put into words exactly, it is more of a feeling that there could be more to art than you are currently experiencing. Yes, you could carry on with making art in the same way as you are now, but you have a niggling feeling that you aren’t quite fulfilling your potential with it.

This course will help you to really free up your creative expression and to produce art that feels like it is uniquely and genuinely you.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you are currently making art, but are finding that you would love to be able to let go in your art, and be a lot more free and expressive with it. You don’t need to be making much art – you might do drawing or painting every few months, or daily, or anything in between. (If you have not made art for a long time and feel daunted about getting started – you might find my Rediscover Your Creativity course is better suited to you).

When do these courses run?

These 8 week courses will be coming to Bristol in 2021, and will be run on weekday mornings from 10am-12pm. Price: £350

What happens if I am not able to make a course?

I am also able to run 1-2-1 private art sessions to help you to free your creativity. These are currently held in my studio in Oxford, but will be available in Bristol in 2021. Prices start from £125

What others have to say about this course…

“My art sessions with Jane melted away a lot of the ice which I had packed around my creative impulses, giving me the courage to explore further, and helping me to express myself more freely.” Uttara Dey⁠

“Fabulous. Inspiring. Jane’s techniques of getting us to open up and subdue the inner critic are wonderful. Everyone should try this course at least once in their lives.”Claire Harvey

“What Jane provides is a hugely supportive environment for you to do your own thing. The emphasis is on enjoying the process and experimenting with making art rather than any judgement (by self or imagined others) on the results.” Alan Doran