Getting Creative Online

Suddenly, in these strange times, doing something creative seems more important than ever!

Doing something creative is a brilliant way to relax, reduce stress, and to pause for a bit and switch our brains off from all the noise and thinking – something we are naturally all doing a lot of at the moment given the current news.

Someone was telling me the other day that stress is not good for our immune systems, and anything that we can do to feel calmer right now is a good thing.  Plus creativity is a really basic human need – a great way to express ourselves and provide a form of release. 

I will most certainly be getting stuck into making art on a regular basis over the coming months as a way to cope with it all. And I would really encourage you to in any way that you are able to – whether that is art, craft, music, dance, singing, baking or anything else.

But of course, another basic human need is connection – and I think that is what is going to be hard for a lot of us over the next few months.  It is a very large part of the reason we go to art classes – to be together as part of a group brings so many extra benefits including inspiration, support, encouragement, motivation and friendship. 

As with a lot of businesses and schools, I’m unable to run my art classes in my studio for the time being, although I plan to be here ready to throw open my doors as soon as we are allowed again!  However, if you would love to get creative over the coming months I’ve introduced some new ways of supporting you with your art and providing virtual spaces for us all to come together for this.

Read on to find out more….

Lets Make Art Together – Online Groups

If you would love to get creative over the coming months, but would really value doing this as part of a group, then why not join one of my online groups?

These groups are for you if you…….

  • find that you struggle with ideas for what to make
  • struggle to motivate yourself to make art but feel fab when you do get creative
  • love being inspired by what others are making
  • value being able to show your artwork and get some support and feedback with this
  • would like some creative fun to relax and switch off!

Virtual Mindful Art Classes

Would you love a dedicated time and space to get creative, to relax, to switch off from everything that is going on at the moment, and to recharge your batteries?

If so, then why not join my weekly virtual mindful art classes.

Drawing For The Terrified

Would you love to be able to draw, but are absolutely convinced that you can’t, and the idea of having a go feels quite daunting? 

If so then this course is for you.  It is a really relaxed, non-intimidating and most importantly fun introduction to drawing.

Lets Make Art Together – For Families

Are you racking your brains to think of things to do to amuse your children over the coming few months?

You might have had the idea that you will get your kids being creative over the coming few months, but one of the hardest things is coming up with new ideas for this. If it is ideas you are looking for, then my new online group may be for you!⠀