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Build Your Drawing Confidence: For Improvers

Drawing regularly is THE best way to really improve your drawing skills

But – what to draw? 

Knowing what to draw can be one of the hardest things about drawing regularly.  This drawing course will provide you with different exercises, covering drawing from observation and from your imagination.  Not always the most obvious subject matter, the drawings are all doable with things around the house and access to the Internet!

You don’t have to be brilliant at drawing to do this course – it is about exercising your creative muscle and enjoying developing your drawing.

You can choose to be as creative as you like with the course – from using my suggested examples and photos, to coming up with your own options and variations!  There is no right or wrong with what you produce.

By the end of this drawing course you will have a full sketchbook to look back on to see the evidence of the progress you have made with your drawing.

And you will feel much more confident about your drawing ability!

Practical details

How long is the drawing course and how does it work?

The course has 52 exercises, and you will be sent a new one every day for 3 days, and then have an option to click to continue for the next 3 days, or to have a break / catch up with the previous exercises.  This repeats throughout – so you can take it very much at your own pace, with no pressure.  So the shortest amount of time it will take to complete is 52 days, but you can take as long as you like with it.

Each drawing exercise can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes, although you can choose to spend more time on these if you would like to.

What support is available?

If you would like some tutor support as you make your way through the course, including feedback on where you are doing well and suggestions for areas to improve your drawing, then I am also able to offer this (please see pricing options below).  This is a great option to help you keep up the momentum of drawing on a regular basis! Feedback is given by email, and for a maximum of 6 months from when you start the course.

What materials will I need?

This course can be done using any drawing materials you like – from pencils, pens, charcoal, pastels and crayons – anything goes, and you might like to try out a few different things.  As a minimum I would recommend getting a good sketchbook, a drawing pencil and fineline pen, and some watercolour pencils.  You can see my recommendations for materials here.

What does it cost and when can I start?

This course costs:

  • £100 – without tutor support
  • £200 – with tutor support

 – Gift vouchers for this online drawing course are also available –

If you are ready to improve your drawing – you can start this course whenever you like!  To join this course simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (Your online course booking will be processed within 48 hours). 

You will also need to note when you pay via PayPal which email address you would like your course emails to be sent to.

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