Lets Make Art Together – For Families

Are you racking your brains to think of things to do to amuse your children over the coming few months?

You might have had the idea that you will get your kids being creative over the coming few months, but one of the hardest things is coming up with new ideas for this. If it is ideas you are looking for, then my new online group may be for you!⠀

How will it work?⠀

Every day I will suggest a simple art activity that you can do together with your children – or they can do by themselves if they are old enough to get on with making art without supervision! The activities don’t require you to have any experience with art yourself! ⠀

They will all be doable with basic paints or drawing materials, and things you can find around the house. There will be a mix of things which will get their imaginations going, and build their confidence too because as with all my classes, the activities aren’t about being good at art or doing things right!  (If you would like an idea of the sorts of things we will be doing in the group, do email me to).

The group is hosted via Facebook so you would just need an account to join. The daily art activities will be posted each evening, ready for the next day. It isn’t a challenge or competition – so no pressure to keep up with them all or do them in any sort of order! ⠀

You might like to share pictures of your creations in the group, so that everyone else can get ideas and inspiration – and your kids might like this too! And I’ll be on hand with encouragement and support, and to answer any questions you might have. ⠀

And the group will only have a maximum of 20 families in it – so that it feels nice and manageable and you can all get to know each other a bit too!⠀

What materials will I need?

  • A basic set of kids paints – I’d recommend something like these
  • A couple of paint brushes – any basic ones will do
  • Some kind of drawing materials – this could be anything like colouring pencils, pens, crayons etc
  • Some PVA glue and scissors  

How to join?  

Simply email me if you would like to join, and I will set up a direct debit payment for you, and then give you access to the group to get you started!

Online group costs: £25 a month