Lets Make Art Together – Online Groups

If you would love to get creative over the coming months, but would really value doing this as part of a group, then why not join one of my online groups?

These groups are for you if you…….

  • find that you struggle with ideas for what to make
  • struggle to motivate yourself to make art but feel fab when you do get creative
  • love being inspired by what others are making
  • value being able to show your artwork and get some support and feedback with this

I have been running a weekly group like this for a few months now and it has been great to see all the fab work my students have been creating.  Even though it can feel a little bit daunting at first to post your pictures, everyone is so lovely and supportive and encouraging – much like the vibe of my physical art classes. 

They are great for you no matter what level you would consider yourself to have with art – the main thing is that you have done a little bit before and feel up for just having a go at getting stuck in. (If you haven’t made any art before you might like to join my Drawing For The Terrified course first – see below). 

How do they work?

Choose between joining a weekly or a daily project group – it really depends how often you like to do something creative!  Every day, or week, I suggest an idea for something to paint or draw – some from observation and some fun activities thrown in there too!  You can interpret them how you like – there is absolutely no right or wrong, and if you choose to make something totally different instead that is completely fine. 

There is absolutely no pressure to do any of the art ideas in order, or to feel like you have to keep up – it is not a challenge but instead something you can use in a way that works for you.

I will be providing loads of input and support on anything you post, plus you can ask me any questions you have or for advice on anything art related.

And the groups will only have a maximum of 15 people in – so that they feel nice and manageable and you can all get to know each other too!

How can I join?

These are available to join now!  Both groups are hosted via Facebook (the best way I’ve found to share artwork effectively), so you would just need an account to join.

Online group costs: 
£25 a month (weekly art project)
£45 a month (daily art project group)