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A little bit about me

Hi I’m Jane Beinart (and yep, that really is my actual surname!) the creative drive behind Be In Art.

I can talk about art and creativity all day every day given the opportunity – I find it so interesting – so endlessly fascinating to see what people are capable of producing when them embrace their creativity, and how art is so much more than just art, it is an integral part of who we are.

I absolutely love offering an alternative way of making art for people. I think that traditional art classes are great if you would love to learn specific skills and techniques, which we all might want and need at some point in our creative journeys. But that they can also end up squishing quite a lot of our creativity and confidence, leaving us feeling that we can’t do art because we can’t do it properly, or that we aren’t as good as everyone else in the class.

Art shouldn’t be about this – it should be about fun, it should make you feel good, it should be a place you can escape to just for you rather than something you end up feeling frustrated by.

My own creative journey so far

After doing all arts subjects at school and college, I had a big gap with my art making after leaving my art foundation course, and found that I didn’t really do much art for a good 12 years or so. The only bits of art I did do ended up feeling quite rigid and constrained, and I really didn’t feel very confident about it. If I’m honest it didn’t really feel like an expression of me – it felt quite surface level I guess.

It was only after talking about it with my therapist at the time about 8 years ago that I realised that art was actually a really important part of who I am, and that I really needed it as a form of personal expression. I found my own way of getting back into making art that really helped me. It was all about exploring and having fun, tapping into art at an intuitive level so that I could produce art based on what I felt like I wanted to do rather than what I felt I should be doing. It quietened down that inner critic enough to help me find my own form of creative expression and style, and to have art firmly established in my life again.

And this is where I am now – continuing to create colourful, free, expressive work that feels like me, and helping others to do the same.

And if you are curious, you can see some of my own artwork here!