New to painting?

Would you love to be able to paint? 

Does the idea of being able to fill a page with lots of colour to make something you are really proud of, and that you can hang on your wall, appeal to you?

Do you wish that you could have a response other than “I’m not creative” when talking to people about making art?

And is there part of you that is curious to see what you could paint if you had a go?

But it’s really hard to know where to start isn’t it?

Most likely the last time you painted was back when you were at school – which feels like a long time ago.

And looking around at other more traditional art classes on offer actually leaves you feeling quite intimidated.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place…..

Be In Art runs fun and relaxed painting classes – a refreshing alternative to your more traditional art class!

Come along to one of the classes or workshops on offer and leave feeling….

  • Both energised and inspired (you have to experience it to believe it!)
  • Pleasantly surprised about what you are able to create
  • And inspired to do something creative on a regular basis


Be In Art has a couple of different options to help you get started with your painting.

Explore Your Creativity

A two hour workshop which you will leave feeling as relaxed as if you had just had a massage, plus energised and inspired to boot, with the added bonus of having a collection of your own unique artwork to take away with you.

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Painting: Getting Started

You will come away from this course with artwork you created that you are really pleased with, and plan to frame and put on your wall, and wanting to go straight out and buy yourself some art materials to carry on painting!

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