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Build Your Drawing Confidence: For Beginners

Join Be In Art’s online drawing course for beginners to help you realise that you CAN draw!

Contrary to how it can feel sometimes when you have seen people drawing or admired art work on a gallery wall, drawing is not a magical ability and it isn’t something that some people are born with and others not! 

We can all learn to draw – it is just about starting at the very beginning rather than jumping in at the deep end!

The best way into drawing is to start with the basics rather than trying to draw complex things, which can often end up making you feel frustrated and more than likely giving up!  In this online drawing course you will be putting pen to paper, making marks and getting familiar with how this feels before you build up to drawing objects.

There can feel like quite a lot of pressure with drawing to produce something accurately or ‘right’, and what tends to stop us drawing is the critical voice in our head which says ‘your drawing isn’t very good’.  But this voice isn’t true and you can learn to ignore it in order to discover that you CAN actually draw.  Wouldn’t it be great to put aside those feelings of frustration and actually enjoy the experience of developing your drawing?

For this course you don’t need to know anything about different drawing materials and terms, and I won’t be throwing you in the deep end and asking you to draw something real straight away – I promise!

I’d encourage you to come along with no expectations, to be curious and to explore what might happen if you give drawing a try.

By the end of this online drawing course you will be surprised with what you are able to achieve with your drawing, will have evidence that you can actually draw, and will be itching to do more!

“This is such a great value reintroduction to drawing course. Really achievable creative daily exercises that boost your belief that you can draw”. Polly

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Practical details

How long is the online drawing course for beginners and how does it work?

The drawing course has 30 exercises, and you will be sent a new one every day for 5 days, and then have an option to click to continue for the next 5 days, or to have a break / catch up with the previous exercises.  This repeats throughout the course – so you can take it very much at your own pace, with no pressure.  So the shortest amount of time it will take to complete is 30 days, but you can take as long as you like with it.

Most of the exercises start off as 5 minute exercises, although you can take longer with them if you are enjoying them!  And towards the end of the course the exercises take about 30 minutes each.

What support is available?

This course has a Facebook group for all students, which is great for you if you would like to receive support from me, and would like to be inspired and motivated by seeing what others in the group have been drawing.

I will also email you as several points throughout the course to see how you are getting on and provide support and encouragement along the way! 

What materials will I need?

There is no need to buy any materials – all of these exercises require a pen, a pencil and paper (any will do – even a biro and notebook!), but you might like to buy some drawing pencils or a sketchbook and you can see my recommendations here.

What does it cost and when can I start?

Course cost:  £55.00

 – Gift vouchers for this online drawing course are also available –

You can start this online drawing course whenever you like!  To start this course simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button below. (Your online course booking will be processed within 48 hours). 

You will also need to note when you pay via PayPal which email address you would like your course emails to be sent to.