Painted a bit before?

Do you remember how painting made you feel when you used to do it?

Thinking back you can remember really enjoying it at the time, as well as feeling a sense of creative fulfillment, which you have a niggling feeling that you are missing in your life at the moment.

You remember being quite good at painting before and it was really satisfying being able to make something you were really proud of, and you are quite curious to see what else you could achieve with your painting if you took it up again.

But is has been quite a while since you last did any painting….

…. and even though you have painted before and have some art materials you could use, is hard to know where to start, and what to paint!

Be In Art runs a range of courses, workshops and mentoring to help you to rediscover the fun of painting – and make space for it in your life again…..

Explore Your Creativity

A two hour workshop which help you to kick start your creativity – leaving you feeling energised and inspired to get out your art materials and get stuck into some more painting!

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Time To Paint

These 3 month online painting courses are for you if you would love to paint at home on a weekly basis, but struggle with momentum, motivation and creating time and space for this!  Choose between landscapes, portraits and painting from life.

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Painting: For Improvers

10 week termly painting courses which will help you to exercise your creative muscle each week.  Great for you if you know that you are much more likely to paint on a regular basis if you are on a course with other people, or you would like to build up your confidence to be able to paint regularly at home.

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Creative Mentoring

One off and ongoing creative mentoring sessions to help you to get past whatever it is that is currently stopping you from painting, and to feel inspired about getting stuck in again!

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Build Your Drawing Confidence – online courses for beginners and improvers to help you to build your drawing skills and confidence.

Facebook Painting Group – Be In Art’s online painting group – giving you an idea for something to paint each month, plus ideas and inspiration from seeing what others are creating.