Student Art Group – Facebook

This group is for you if you are a current or previous student at Be In Art (if you have been on any of my courses or workshops), and you would like to have some continued support and input from me with your art making at home.

It is designed as an interactive and supportive group, for you if you are keen to make art at least once a month, and are happy to share your creations with the group too (sharing is a great way to build your confidence and get inspired by what others are making too).  Everyone in here will be very new to painting or drawing, so there is absolutely no pressure to produce perfect work.

I’ll be here providing ongoing encouragement and support – much like you will have experienced in my classes – to help you to build your confidence and skills.

I’ll share things that I think you might find creatively inspiring and will also share anything that I have been painting or drawing with you too.