running an art workshop

Would you love to run your own art workshops?

Maybe you have been thinking for some time now about the possibility of running art workshops as you would love to be able to encourage and enthuse others to get creative too. Helping people to really get pleasure and a sense of achievement from making art would be amazing wouldn’t it?

And perhaps you are even tentatively thinking about running art workshops as a career and earning a living from them – which feels exciting and scary in equal measure!

What better thing to do than to follow your heart and do work that you love – and get paid for it too?

Despite really wanting to run art workshops, it is really hard to know how to get started with it

You have a bit of an idea about what you would like your workshops to be like, and a rough idea of the format, which gets you quite excited when you think about it, but you aren’t really sure if it will work and how to go about it.

It feels like there are so many things to think about, and even though people may have said to you that you will be good at it and should do it, you aren’t sure if you have the right skills and experience to be able to do it just yet.

Plus the thought of all the planning, thinking about the content and structure, what level to run your workshops at, the marketing, pricing and then actually getting people to come feels quite daunting.

But – you know you would feel regret if you didn’t at least try running one

You will always wonder what could have been, and whether you could have made a success of it!

How I can help

I would love to help and support you to make your art workshops actually happen (because they need to!) – and for people to benefit and have art in their lives as a result!

If this sounds like something that you feel would be helpful to you, please do contact me to set up an initial phone call so I can find out more about your plans, and we can discuss whether the support I can offer is right for you.