Student Testimonials

“Jane was an excellent guide in opening up and exploring my creativity. She gave me the space to do this and the non-judgmental, caring and passionate attitude she has made me feel relaxed and enthused. Working with Jane helped me to realise the benefits art can have for my wellbeing and how it really relates to other areas of my life.” Sarah Hughes

“What Jane provides is a hugely supportive environment for you to do your own thing. The emphasis is on enjoying the process and experimenting with making art rather than any judgement (by self or imagined others) on the results.” Alan Doran

“Great if you want to boost your confidence and get you started. Working with Jane stretches you and makes you try art that you would never believe you are capable of. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.” Sarah Warner

“This has been very beneficial to me in more ways than I had imagined! I have confidence in making art again and have found the joy in experimentation. I feel that working with Jane has given me the push to keep making art and not compare myself to others quite so much, which has been a big barrier in the past!” Christine Robertson

“My art sessions with Jane melted away a lot of the ice which I had packed around my creative impulses, giving me the courage to explore further, and helping me to express myself more freely.” Uttara Dey⁠

“Fabulous. Inspiring. Jane’s techniques of getting us to open up and subdue the inner critic are wonderful. Everyone should try this course at least once in their lives.” Claire Harvey

“This was no ordinary art class – it was an experience! Jane created an atmosphere that allowed me to really relax and be open to creating. It reminded me how important it is to make time to be creative, to have fun and play! It has given me the encouragement I needed to get back into creating art and not worry about the end result. Thank you so much Jane for this incredible experience.” Serena Sharma

“Working with Jane was really fun! I was immediately transported back to my college art room reliving my youth and wondering why I ever abandoned my artistic side. I felt the process enabled me to connect with parts of me I had forgotten. I also felt emotion rising in me – happiness and joy to put paintbrush to paper, the beautiful colours of the paint, the textures.  I had forgotten I could just create art just for me, to be free, to experiment and to connect and Jane helped me realize this part of me still exists.” Rachel Allan