art projects

Art Projects

These fun, no pressure art projects are for you if you would love to do more painting or drawing (or both!) at home on a regular basis, but find that you struggle with ideas and momentum.

And you don’t have to be brilliant at art – just willing to pick up a paintbrush or pencil and have a go. Hands down the best way to get better at and feel more confident about drawing and painting is to practice, plus to experiment with new things.

These art projects therefore are designed to help you to have a go, and to try different ways of making art! I will give you a whole set of ideas, and will be doing the art projects alongside you throughout the term, sharing my art as I go and talking you through how I went about doing each piece.

You will finish each art project with a sense of creative fulfillment and satisfaction when you look back over what you have made!

You can join these art projects at any point throughout the term dates, and take them at your own pace. And they are suitable for any age. Why not do a project with a friend or family member too?

Each art project has a Facebook group where I will be sharing my artwork with you, and where you can share your creations – a great way to get some positive feedback, keep up that creative momentum, and be inspired by what others are creating.

Drawing projects

Each project has 20 drawing ideas – enough to get a good way into filling a sketchbook. All of the exercises can be done with just a pencil or pen (see my recommendations for materials here), but I will also be using a few different materials you may not have tried in each project so you can see the effects of these and decide if you want to invest in some to have a go yourself.

Summer holiday project – Your summer holidays

Drawing ideas for your holidays – whether you are going away, having a staycation or fancy getting creative in the warm summer evenings and weekends. A whole range of subjects from food, transportation, your surroundings and things you associate with summer. Join me on this project for a different way to experience the summer.

Dates – 12th June – 11th Sept

Painting projects

12 painting ideas (enough for around 1 painting a week) covering a wide range of different styles and techniques. All using acrylics (unless otherwise noted). See my recommendations for materials here, and advice about setting up to paint at home here.

Summer holiday project – Working with the outdoors

Using the outdoors as inspiration – both as something to paint and something to paint with! This project will include painting from observation including sunsets and reflections, as well as having fun creating textures and abstract creations using feathers, sticks and flowers. Mixing up observation with experimentation.

Dates – 12th June – 11th Sept


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Buying an art project as a gift?

If you are buying this as a gift for someone, once you have paid, you have the option to add the details for the recipient on the form you are directed to afterwards. 

Other payment options

I am also able to accept payment by cheque or cash – please email me if you would prefer this option.