benefits of going to an art class

The benefits of going to an art class

Whether your are new to making art, or are coming back to it again after some time, and are thinking about joining an art class, I’ve put together my list of the top 5 benefits you will get from attending a class – whatever that class may be……

Inspiration and ideas

One of the things that is trickiest about making art by yourself at home is coming up with ideas. The brilliant thing about making art with other people is that you get lots of ideas from what and how they are creating – whether you are all working on the same project or completely different ones. I see this happening all the time in my classes – people trying out things they would never even have thought of if they hadn’t been inspired by seeing one of their fellow students doing it – a fabulous mixing pot of ideas all in one room!

Scheduled in time for you each week

It can be so hard to make time for you each week, especially if you lead quite a busy life – there are always things that need doing and sitting down to make art tends to go right to the bottom of the priority list. But having a course to go to makes this happen – you are out of the house so you can’t see all the endless things that need doing, and the time is scheduled in the diary which – as we know with work and all sorts of other appointments – we will go to if they are booked in.

Helping form a creative habit

Attending a class for a while on a regular day and time starts to create a new habit for you – making art becomes something you do every week and you will notice the many benefits from doing this (great if you only seem to get round to making art occasionally at home). You could always attend a course for a term to kick start your habit, and then carry on making art yourself at home each week on that same day and time – it was in the diary each week anyway, why not carry on with it?

Support and encouragement (and quietening down your inner critic)

Again, if you are sitting at home making art, you may find that something that stops you is the really noisy negative voice in your head that pipes up and tells you that what you are doing is rubbish and that you should probably just give up now. This will stop you from creating if you don’t learn to quieten it down, so going to a class helps to reduce the impact of this negative inner critic and replace it with a more positive, supportive and kind voice – which makes it so much easier to get on and enjoy making art.

And of course the social side

It is a great way to meet and spend time with other people, and get to know them in a relaxed and no pressure way as you are all making something at the same time. Great if you would like to meet a new set of people, you are new to an area, or you are just a social person!

If you are umming and erring about booking on an art class, I would thoroughly recommend it!