The Benefits of Painting

Painting is seen as nice to have rather than something that is essential – but – there are some really great benefits to making space and time for this in your life…….

……Spending time being creative is great for your general wellbeing, and painting is one of the only activities you can do which really help you to focus, be in the moment, switch off your busy mind and forget your worries.  You just can’t get the same effect from watching Netflix!

…..It is incredibly relaxing and has a profound effect on your state of mind – after a few hours of painting you will feel as if you have been to a spa.

…. It is kind of magic as 2 hours of painting will leave you feeling energised, as well as relaxed – sounds impossible but it really is true.  It is a great remedy after a long day at work or even if experiencing jet lag!

…..It gives you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction being able to look at what you have created – quite unlike using social media for an hour or so!

…..It works your creative muscle – meaning you become much more creative in other areas of your life too (brilliant) – getting better at creative thinking and problem solving.

…..It helps you to build your self-confidence (and self-awareness) – both in your art and generally too.

…..And, when you start to paint from observation, it makes you see and experience the world in a whole new way – it is quite amazing really!

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